Remortgaging a house that is in shared ownership shares many similarities with a normal remortgaging process.  The main difference is that you will be looking at lenders who specialise in shared ownership properties. That’s why working with a broker is easier as they will have a range of products for all situations and be able to look at these with an expert eye to find the right one for you.

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Remortgaging shared ownership basics

To start with, if you are remortgaging a shared ownership property and then you want to buy the rest of your share, effectively owning the property outright, then things are a little different.  This is treated more like a standard remortgage and means you won’t have to have a shared ownership specialist.

If you are continuing on a shared ownership basis, then the process will be like a normal remortgage.  You will sit down with us and work through all the basics of your outgoings and expenses, the circumstances and financial questions to then get a quote for the remortgage you are looking for.

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