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Bad Credit and Self Employed Mortgages

First Time Buyer and Remortgages

Are you looking to take your first step onto the property ladder? Or are you looking to move home or remortgage? We can introduce you to a Mortage Adviser to help you obtain a mortgage to suit you!

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Self Employed Mortgages

Self Employed and Limited Company Directors often struggle when it comes to obtaining a mortgage. We can introduce you to a Mortgage Adviser with the know-how to help you, even if you have as little as 1 year of accounts.

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Adverse Credit Mortgages

Have you been Bankrupt, been in an IVA? Or have you had a DMP or CCJ? Maybe a default on your credit file? With the right help you can secure a mortgage, we can introduce you to a suitable Mortgage Adviser.

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We are providers of information and resources in preparation for complicated mortgage applications. Whether you are Self Employed, have an adverse credit history or even both, we can introduce you to a suitable Mortgage Adviser who will understand your situation.

Access to 'Self Employed Friendly’ Lenders

We can match you up with Mortgage Adviser who will understand your situation and what is required. Self Employed people can find the perfect mortgage deal with as little as 1 years Self Employment history.

Access to 'Bad Credit Friendly' Lenders

Whether you have previously been made Bankrupt, been in an IVA, Debt Management Plan or had CCJ’s, we can point you in the right direction to successfully secure a mortgage.

Competitive Fixed Term Rates

Just because you are Self Employed or have previously had Bad Credit doesn’t mean you have to settle for a bad deal. You will still have access to the most competitive rates available.

5* Service

Our in-depth knowledge and experience mean our website will not only prepare you for a mortgage application but we will connect you with the perfect Mortgage Adviser to secure the mortgage you require.

Self Employed

Are you Self Employed? Perhaps a Limited Company director paying your self in Dividends. We can introduce you to a Mortgage Adviser who can help you obtain a mortgage at competitive rates with as little as 1 year Self Assesment Tax Return.

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Bad Credit History

Having previously been made Bankrupt, or having an IVA doesn’t have to stop you from obtaining a fantastic mortgage offer at a great rate. We can show you how to build your credit score and introduce you to a suitable Mortgage Adviser.

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Complex Circumstances

We will introduce you to a mortgage Adviser who will help you obtain a great mortgage deal despite your less than straightforward application.

Sole Trader

As a Sole Trader it can be difficult to get a mortgage, without being fully prepared and a vast history of self employment it will be hard to obtain a mortgage by going straight to the bank. You will need a specialist broker. We can help point you in the right direction.

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Limited Company Director

As a limited company director, the vast majority of your income may be taken in a more tax efficient way such as dividends. With the help of a specialist broker you will be able to use your dividends as income and in some cases even your companies net profit.

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Limited Company Shareholder

As a shareholder of a limited company, your main source of income might be dividend payments. You need a broker who has experience dealing with such cases. We can help set you on the right path.

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If you have previously been declared Bankrupt you can still obtain good mortgage deals. You are better waiting for 6 years after your discharge at which point the Bankruptcy drops off your credit file. You will still need to declare it. But by using a specialist broker you will be able to obtain a great mortgage deal.

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Post IVA mortgages are perfectly achievable. Ideally, you will need to wait for 6 years after your start date for your IVA to drop off your credit file. You will then need to ensure you are fully prepared, the most effective way is to use a specialist broker. We can introduce you to the ideal broker for your situation.

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A DMP will not have to be declared on your application but you are best speaking to a specialist broker to prepare your application and match you with a suitable lender. You will need to wait for the defaults to drop off your credit file.

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Complex Mortgages don't have to be difficult.

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