Can you still secure a mortgage with a history of bad credit?

Having had bad credit in your past doesn’t mean you can’t get a mortgage. Money problems can happen to anybody. Getting by in the world today can put a real strain on even the healthiest looking salary and if you find yourself with a County Court Judgement (CCJ) or an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA), it can seem like your dreams of a mortgage are impossibly far away.

The good news is that specialist mortgage brokers can scour the market and secure mortgages for people just like you. Even if you’ve had little or no success elsewhere, they still be able to help, as they know the market and have access to all current deals, including exclusive deals from high street lenders.

Another benefit is that they agree the brokerage fee with you before anything official is offered by the lender and is only paid when you get that all important mortgage offer – something of a ‘no win no fee’ kind of situation.

If you walk into a high street lender and apply for a mortgage with bad credit, you’re almost certain to be given a bit fat “NO”. That’s because they don’t have access to the exclusive products and rates that specialist mortgage brokers do.

Generally speaking, mortgage broker fees can range from a few hundred pounds up to around £1500 dependent on how complicated the application is, however, it’s only payable when you get the mortgage offer you are happy with. We’re sure you will agree, that it’s money well spent if it means securing a mortgage and at a competitive rate.

Bad credit doesn’t have to mean that your ambition of owning your own home is out of the question. Have a chat with one of our recommended brokers to find out if you qualify
 and how much you could borrow.

Complex Mortgages don't have to be difficult.

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