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Avoidable things that can reduce the value of your house

June 1, 2019
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If you’re trying to sell your home, you want to give prospective buyers the best possible experience when they come to look around. While you don’t have to go the whole nine yards and bake cookies every time someone wants to view your home, there are some easily avoidable things that can actually knock value off your home.

Whether your home is priced for a quick sale, no one wants to receive an offer that is below the asking price. So, how do you make sure that buyers see the value in your property? Here at Niche Mortgage Info, we love to share our top tips on the easily avoidable things that can reduce the value of your home.

Neglecting the exterior

Imagine walking up to a home you’re hoping to purchase and finding the lawn overgrown, broken toys on the front steps and chipped paint on the window frames. You’re already going to be thinking of the home in terms of work that needs to be done. While some people are great at looking past these minor details, other people need help seeing your home in all its glory. Give them a helping hand by making sure the exterior of your home is just as inviting as the interior. Something as simple as a bright and fresh hanging basket can vasty change a visitor’s opinion about your home.

Pet or smoking smells

When looking around a home, buyers want to imagine living there. This can be difficult to do if they are distracted by bad smells from smoke, cooking or pets. When you decide to put your home on the market, it’s time to take control of the smells that you might be completely blind to.

  • Make sure you empty and bleach all bins.
  • Wash bedding and soft furnishings. Use a fabric-safe freshener on things that cannot be washed.
  • Wash the dog’s bedding, even if he protests.
  • Move any pet items to the garage or another area while you have viewings.
  • Deep clean your carpets using a professional cleaning machine.
  • Use heavily scented cleaners like Zoflora to effectively eliminate smells from your home.
  • Open the windows before a buyer comes to look around to allow fresh air in.


As above, people find it hard to imagine living in a home when there is too much clutter. Clutter can also make rooms seem much smaller. The worst area for clutter is always the kitchen. Make sure your clean your countertops and put appliances out of view. Put away any washing up that may be on a drying rack.

In your bathroom, hide your everyday items in a cabinet or put them in a box as a temporary solution. Leave a few decorative items out so that your home doesn’t seem too barren.

In your bedroom, make sure clothes are put away and your bed is nicely made. The buyer isn’t judging your furniture, but it can be difficult to imagine buying your home if they can’t even see past the clutter.

The small details

There are so many small details that can really put off buyers. Replace any broken light bulbs and add lampshades to any naked bulbs. You should also make sure that light switches are free from grubby fingerprints as this can really put buyers off. If you have any spots of mould around your bathtub, use a mould and mildew spray to get rid of them. You can also use this to brighten dull grout. And finally, make sure your windows have been cleaned inside and outside recently. This can make a huge difference to the brightness of your home.

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